Our vision is to make it
Safe, Easy, and Secure
to buy and sell pre-owned firearms.

Why Use TGX?

United States

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Coast to Coast

Why should you be limited to private party sales only within driving distance? With TGX, you can buy from or sell a gun to someone in another state with our escrow service.


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We put the value back into your pocket using our TGX escrow account with low fees compared to gun store consignment or selling to a pawn shop.


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Secure Payments

Buyers can have confidence depositing money into our escrow account. If the firearm is not as advertised, we offer a money back guarentee within our policy TODO.

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Safe Transactions

Don’t meet a stranger in a parking lot. With TGX, you only need to leave the house to ship the gun or to pick the gun up at the gun store.

Who We Are

What does an ATF Agent do with an MBA? Develop a business to enhance financial and physical safety when buying or selling a pre-owned gun! We want to provide a safe, frictionless platform so you can enjoy shooting sports and protect you and your family without risking your money or physical safety.

Picture of Ken Kwak

Kenneth Kwak

Founder and CEO

6.5 years Police Officer, San Francisco and San Jose

20.5 years Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Special Agent

MIT Sloan School of Management, MBA 2022

Picture of Harry Li

Harry Li

Director of Technology

Full stack software engineer

5 years MIT Lincoln Laboratory Researcher

CS Master's Candidate, Tufts Unversity 2023