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TGX Buyer Protections

Payment via Escrow Service

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Payment via Escrow Service

TGX provides an Escrow Service to protect you as the buyer. When you purchase a gun, your payment is transferred and kept safe in TGX’s escrow account. We keep your payment safe in our escrow account for up to 3 days after the day of delivery of your gun. Once you are satisfied with the gun and take possession of it, we release your payment to the private seller. If the gun is not as advertised, you can start a dispute to return the gun and get your money back, guarenteed.​

Proof of Ownership

Each private seller listing must provide proof of ownership in the form of two pictures of the gun set in specific directions with a set number of bullets in a set position in relation to the gun. Before you purchase a gun, you can visually verify that proof of ownership photos look right, which makes it difficult for scammers to use our site.​​


Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

Insured Shipments​

We provide sellers with shipping instructions with full insurance coverage and a tracking number. In rare case of unsuccessful delivery, your shipment would be fully insured to make purchases risk-free.​

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Fast Payments using​

Our Digital Check solution makes payments quick and easy. TGX will send you an invoice of the full amount of the gun, shipping, and fees - that's it!​

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