Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, this allows us to better assist you should any questions arise, as well as enables us to inform you about your order's status.​

At TGX, we use IDV to authenticate users and maintain system integrity by preventing fraud and blocking bad actors. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes are designed to meet federal compliance standards set by our financial partners, creating a trusted community of verified TGX users.​

Buying on TGX

To buy a gun on TGX, simply make an account, go through our identity verification process, and purchase a listing you're interested in! Our team at TGX is available to help throughout the process, ensuring a smooth transaction.

You can pay for a listing with your credit or debit card. We have also partnered with, a secure payment provider ACH bank transactions. uses Plaid, a universally accepted bank account verification system similar to what PayPal and Venmo use, so you can trust that your payment is safe and secure.​

Selling on TGX

Listing your gun on TGX is free. We charge a $10% commission fee after the transaction is completed. The commission fee is retained directly from the sales price during payout.​

When determining the total price of a gun, it's important to take into account various factors. These factors include not only the listed price of the gun, but also additional costs such as TGX fees, packaging, insurance, shipping, and transfer fees. By considering all of these factors, you can arrive at a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the total cost involved in purchasing a gun through TGX.​

Disputes and Arbitration

If the seller fails to send the firearm within six (6) days of the buyer transfering funds into the TGX escrow account, the transaction will be canceled, and the buyer will receive a full refund. Please note that if a seller fails to fulfill their obligation to send the firearm on two separate occasions, they will be prohibited from selling guns on the site.​

If a seller sends a firearm that does not match the advertised description and loses an arbitration case, they are responsible for covering the cost of shipping to retrieve their firearm.​

When inspecting the gun at the FFL, if the gun is not as advertised — ex is significantly different, is damaged, or has issues that were not documented, or a different gun by way of serial number — then you as a buyer are covered with the escrow account. Do not take possession of the gun and contact TGX at ​

Upon arrival of the firearm from the seller, the buyer has six (6) days to pick it up from the gun store. If the firearm does not match the seller's description or photos, the buyer may be eligible for a refund during this period. However, if the buyer does not pick up the firearm within six (6) days, the money in escrow will be automatically released to the seller.​

Firearms 'as advertised' must match the description and pictures provided in the posting. If a buyer contests the transaction due to the firearm being 'not as advertised', they must provide photos taken at the gun store documenting why it does not match the advertisement. These photos can be submitted by emailing"​

Once the buyer leaves the gun store with the firearm, their ability to make a 'not as advertised' claim is no longer valid.​