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Nationwide Market

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Insured Shipments

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Nationwide Market

Why should you be limited to private party sales or local gun stores only within driving distance? With TGX, you can sell your gun nationwide. It’s easy with the TGX Escrow and services we provide. ​


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Low Fees and Greater Value

Gun stores often charge a consignment fee of 15-25% and pawn shops are even worse! If the store sells your firearm for $1,000, then you maybe only keep $750-850 and you lose out on all that value. At TGX, we only charge a 10%. You can sell your gun for $1,000 and keep $900, a much better deal!


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Insured Shipments​

We provide sellers with shipping instructions with full insurance coverage and a tracking number. In rare case of unsuccessful delivery, your shipment would be fully insured to make purchases risk-free.​

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Fast Payments using​

Our Digital Check solution makes payments quick and easy. TGX will send you an invoice of the full amount of the gun, shipping, and fees - that's it!​

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No Sketchy Meetups​

Private party sales can be unsafe, especially when meeting complete strangers in a parking lot. Ken: Through my career as an ATF Special Agent investigating hundreds of firearms trafficking cases, I know that criminals utilize private party sales to buy and illegally traffic guns to other criminals. My passion is to reduce the number of guns available to criminals who prey on law abiding citizens. At TGX, we eliminate sketchy in-person sales. As a seller, you post your listing online and ship the gun to the buyer’s FFL.Simple and safe!

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