HECKLER AND KOCH (see description) HK51



Presenting an exquisite HK51 machine gun, a testament to enduring craftsmanship and precision. The HK51 is not a gun that was ever actually produced by Heckler & Koch. It is instead a variation on the G3/HK91 originally developed by American H&K specialist Bill Fleming. He was contracted by a UK-based company called FR Ordnance to produce a submachine gun sized version of the G3 for British SAS and SBS use.

This piece, originally built as a machine gun, has been in the possession of its current owner since 1998. The gun bears the graceful patina of time, with minimal signs of wear and tear that only enhance its character. The hammer, an integral part of the trigger group, shows a hint of wear. Both the lower and upper receivers, along with the area by the ejection port and the muzzle brake, are adorned with slight scratches, a testament to its history and use.

A touch of rust can be found on the rear sight housing, adding to its vintage charm. Despite these minor blemishes, the machine gun remains in excellent condition, firing flawlessly even after 25+ years of ownership. It stands as a symbol of durability and timeless design, maintaining its original build as a machine gun. This HK51 is not just a firearm, but a piece of history, held in the hands of a discerning owner.

     Pelican Hard Case
     Trijicon Scope
     20 Round Magazine
     ... (additional magazines available for purchase)

Key Information

MakeHECKLER AND KOCH (see description)
Rounds FiredUnknown
Serial NumberA027107

Additional Information

ActionMachine Gun (NFA)
Barrel Length8.9 in.
Capacity5 or 20 round magazine
Fire TypeCenterfire
Overall Length30.5 in.
Stock MaterialPolymer